Thomas Tyrrell is an international lawyer, historian and genealogist. He is a British citizen with an American father and English mother.

Thomas brings a fresh ‘Transatlantic Perspective’ to his presentations that encourages active participation by audience members. He seeks to place modern events in their historical context thereby perhaps giving his American audience reason to pause and think.

Thomas has been lecturing in Southwest Florida about the geopolitics of World Events since 2003 and has been a guest presenter at the Collier County Public Libraries, the Renaissance Academy at Florida Gulf Coast University, Shell Point Retirement Community, the English Speaking Union, the Naples Press Club, the International Men’s Club of America, as well as several local men’s and women’s clubs and church societies.

Since no lectures are planned for 2020, Thomas has started a blog where he is posting international news items that catch his attention, at:


Harriet Howard Heithaus, a writer for the Naples Daily News/USA Today Network – Florida, wrote an article in the Spring of 2018 entitled “Making them think: one man’s mission to educate about the world.” Following are excerpts from that article.


  • Thomas Tyrrell wants you to ask questions. But first he must make you understand.
  • “I’m not an academe. I’m not trying to teach people or persuade anyone to my point of view. I’m just trying to put how a European sees it, or a different perspective on it,” he explained. “My idea is: If they disagree with me, then I think I’ve succeeded. What I’m trying to do is make them think.”
  • At high season, his audiences approach the size of an Ohio State University classroom: “I get get 200 people for some of these,” Tyrrell said, trying not to sound too pleased. After all, he is British.


  • Thomas Tyrrell was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, from which he holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Economics and Law and a Master’s Degree.
  • He also holds a Bachelor of Law from London University and a Fellowship of the Genealogical Society.


  • Barrister at Law and International Banker in London.
  • Deputy Chairman of the overseas subsidiary of Banque Sarasin of Basle, one of Switzerland’s oldest private banks and overseas director of La Baloise, a leading Swiss insurance company and PK banken of Sweden.
  • Economic Advisor to the British Government in the National Economic Development Office (NEDO).
  • Practiced international law in Luxembourg and Geneva.
  • Established Fiduciaire Tyrrell Higham as an independent traditional European fiduciary.
  • Founded with others in Europe and America, an international trust company in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • The International Bar Association
  • International Associate of The American Bar Association
  • Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners of London
  • International Director of the Association of
  • Professional Genealogists
  • The National Genealogical Society in Washington, DC
  • The Genealogical Society of London
  • ‘OSCE’ Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Vienna
  • ‘Chatham House’–The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London
  • ‘RUSI’–The Royal United Services Institute for International and Defense Studies, London
  • ‘RIAC’ Russian International Affairs Council, Moscow
  • ‘EUISS’–European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris
  • ‘EUISS’ European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris
  • ‘ECFR’ European Council on Foreign Relations.